Friday, June 17, 2011

friedrichshain VS kreuzberg (food fight)

Fuck Yeah It's Pirate time tomorrow!!!!

Held every July since 1998, the Wasserschlacht sees two battling Berlin districts – Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg – meet on the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge to pelt each other with eggs, flour, fruit and foam-rubber clubs.

However, the event on July 26 saw the two sides arm themselves with salted herring and used nappies.
Almost 1000 stinking soldiers kitted out in protective outfits such as helmets and shields met on the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge, where they attempted to beat, scare, push, intimidate and gross-out their opponents back to their side of the bridge.

"It all started when the city administration decided to unite the two districts," said the organiser of Friedrichshain's forces, Hauge Stiewe.
"They didn't ask people what they wanted. So we thought: Let's put the Kreuzbergers on one side and the people from Friedrichshain on the other and arm them with eggs, tomatoes and water. And whoever won would be the master of the district."
The event has been known to get a bit out of hand in the past, with vehicles and buildings set aflame. Event organisers have also run into trouble with the law for holding the event without a permit.



  1. é na a seguir! eu moro perto dessa ponte eheh

  2. eu lembro me do guia estar a contar dessa luta estranha! quem e k ganhou??

  3. ganha sempre friedrichshain ;) mas este ano akilo foi mesmo merda, nem foi n mesmo sitio! n sei como acabaram por resolver akilo. por isso ek nem seker tiei fotos nem nada