Monday, August 1, 2011

5 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Repurpose Vintage Books

If you find your burgeoning collection of vintage books is overtaking your home, why not consider repurposing some of the dustier titles into furniture, lamps, and even headboards?  Unfortunately, it is notoriously difficult to recycle vintage books.  Due to the low quality of the paper, as well as the binding adhesives, most old books simply find their way to the dump.  Thankfully, here are four repurposing ideas that will have you thinking outside of the book!

Architectural students at Delft University of Technology took on the challenge to create a huge information desk (pun intended!).  Scale it down for your own home, and you’ll have a beautiful desk or credenza.

Richard Hutten takes the term “coffee table book” to another level with his beautiful repurposed vintage book coffee table!

Lucy Norman‘s “light reading” chandelier would be a wonderful accent to a library or den.

For those who love a bedtime book, this repurposed book headboard is just the right inspiration (with DIY instructions via Instructables).

Jim Rosenau combines a wonderful sense of humor with aptly picked book titles to create repurposed bookshelves, in every sense of the word.

However you choose to repurpose your vintage books, giving them a new life not only adds a wonderful conversation piece to your home, but prevents them from adding to the landfills.  Have you found new life for your vintage books?